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Episode 1
Episode 1.png
Japanese Title 1. おっぱいを究めろ!

2. 夢見るお仕事

3. パンツウォーズ

4. 音砂みはりの休日

Romanized Title 1. Oppai wo kiwamero!

2. Yumemiru oshigoto

3. Pantsuu wōzu

4.Otosuna mihari no kyūjitsu

English Title 1. Thoroughly investigating breasts

2. Dream job

3. Panty wars

4. Otosuna Mihari's day off

Airdate April 7, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Junsui na Fujunbutsu by StylipS
Ending Spica. by StylipS
Next Episode Episode 2

The first episode of the anime which consists of 4 parts.

First Part: Thoroughly investigating breasts[]

Yuuki needs a reference for a manga scene where the protaganist accidently graps the breasts of a girl characters and asks Ashisu if he can grab her breasts for that.

Second Part: Dream job[]

After Mihari came to Yuuki's house to point out the mistakes of Yuuki in his manga, they end up talking about their dreams.

Third Part: Panty wars[]

Ashisu helps Yuuki with new ideas for drawing panties.

Fourth Part: Otosuna Mihari's day off[]

Mihari has a day off and without knowing she meets Yuuki in a lingerie shop.