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Episode 2
Episode 2.png
Japanese Title 1. 新アシスタント登場

2. それが大事

3. はじめての二人

Romanized Title 1. Shin ashisutanto tōjō

2. Sore ga daiji

3. Hajimete no futari

English Title 1. A new assistant arrives

2. What's important

3. First time together

Airdate April 14, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Junsui na Fujunbutsu by StylipS
Ending Spica. by StylipS
Previous Episode Episode 1
Next Episode Episode 3

The second episode of the anime and which consists of 3 parts.

First Part: A new assistant arrives[]

Yuuki gets a new assistant called Rinna Fuwa. Although she is really cute it seems that she has never been an assistant before and doesn't even know how to do things.

Second Part: What's important[]

Mihari comes with the results of the manga and Yuuki's manga isn't go well. Together with Ashisu and Mihari they think of plots to get the story more interesting.

Third Part: First time together[]

It's shown how Ashisu and Yuuki met for the first time.