Episode 5
Episode 5
Japanese Title 1. 公園ショック

2. いつかは

3. 身近な人を参考に

Romanized Title 1. Kōen shokku

2. Itsuka wa

3. Midjikana hito o sankō ni

English Title 1. Park Shock

2. Someday

3. Using Close Friends for Reference

Airdate May 5, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Junsui na Fujunbutsu by StylipS
Ending Spica. by StylipS
Previous Episode Episode 4
Next Episode Episode 6
The fifth episode of the anime and which consists of 3 parts.

First Part: Park ShockEdit

Yuuki's manga became last and he is now forbidden to draw panties. While sulking at the park he meets the chief editor Minano.

Second Part: SomedayEdit

Ashisu's manuscript gets rejected again and has a talk about it with Yuuki.

Third Part: Using Close Friends for ReferenceEdit

Yuuki comes up with a new character which he says resembles Mihari because Mihari and the new character both got small breasts and Mihari isn't really happy about that.

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