Episode 7
Episode 7
Japanese Title 1.妹襲来

2. 二人の夜

3. スーパーアシスタントをおんぶ

Romanized Title 1. Imōto shūrai

2. Futari no yoru

3. Sūpāashisutanto o onbu

English Title 1. Little Sister Attacks!

2. A Night Together

3. Piggybacking the Super Assistant

Airdate May 19, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Junsui na Fujunbutsu by StylipS
Ending Spica. by StylipS
Previous Episode Episode 6
Next Episode Episode 8
The seventh episode of the anime which consists of 3 parts.

First Part: Little Sister Attacks!Edit

Ashisu's little sister visites Yuuki and Ashisu.

Second Part: A Night TogetherEdit

Mihari missed the last train and will be staying over at Yuuki's house.

Third Part: Piggybacking the Super AssistantEdit

Sena strained her feet while trying to kick Yuuki. He brings her to hospital and gives her a piggyback ride, back to her house.

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