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This wiki is dedicated to everything related to the anime series Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, that anyone can edit. Please help by editing or adding articles and lessening the stubs. We currently have 986 edits to 47 articles and 85 images on this wiki.

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A life description about the mangaka Aito Yuuki and his assistant Ashisu Sahoto. Aito doesn't understand the feelings of the characters in his stories so he asks Ashisu to help him. Ashisu would do anything for the work—she will even let him touch her breast so he will know how it feels like?! The Habit?! The Pervert?! Can we understand them? That's the comedy of a mangaka life.
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Mihari is the editor of Aito's manga. They first met each other back in high school. She is a violent girl who hits Aito without hesitation, but has shown that she cares for him and might even have affections for him.

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