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Sahoto Ashisu
Biographical Information
Kanji 足須 沙穂都
Horoscope Aries
Birthday March 27
Age 19
Job Mangaka Assistant
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 163cm
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Saori Hayami

Ashisu Sahoto is a female assistant of mangaka Aito Yuuki.


Sahoto is described as serious on her work. She is often the target of Aito's mischief, much to her chagrin, and doesn't hesitate to lash out at him. Beside that she loves cute things, and later forms a sadistic side due to having to suppress her anger towards Aito's daily stupidity for so long. However, she is still a kind and soft-hearted woman who stands by people in need, and stay by Aito's side because perversions notwithstanding she is still moved by his earnest, hard-working and caring nature.


Her main appearance in the anime is wearing a white T-shirt and under that she wears some sort of blue and black bra supporter. She always wears a Indian Yellow coloured short and black tights.

Her eye colours are hazel coloured and her hair colour is a simple black colour that is used in a lot of animes.


She has been drawing manga since elementary school.

Character Outline[]

Albeit as a mangaka assistant, Sahoto also aims to serialize a manga series of her own; however, her attempts in doing so were constantly rejected by editors.


  • Her dream is to become a mangaka who doesn't cause trouble for her editor.
  • She has bad sense of cuteness over things.
  • She wears erotic panties.
  • She moved into the same complex apartment as Aito Yuuki
  • After she has been accepted to her mangaka for a debut, she stay still on as assistant for Aito Yuuki
  • Even though she pushes Aito away, she is becoming slowly attached to him every time they spent together working on there manga for each other. That's why she decided to move in the same complex apartment as him to not be separated by each other.
  • Her feelings towards Aito is complex, but she likes being with him when they are together as seen in the anime and manga.