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Snooter is a non-copy ability enemies that first appearing in Sahoto: Luxingale. He is a monkey-hooded, two-footed creature with large, pink lips and a reddish-purple nose. Snooters walk around calmly unless Sahoto hits him for his weak attack. When he happens, he will become furious, turn orange, he is called by an Orange Snooter, which he start ran around really fast for his figure at this time. Always in reason, he also ate nearby food items or batteries respectively. However, if she gets too close to one, that Snooter will chew on her and then spit her out.

Appearance and Etymology[]

Snooter is a blue-hooded simian creature with two legs and a heart-shaped nose with more pink-colored lips. His name comes from the word snooty, it meaning a pompous man, or snout, an English slang for nose.


  • If Sahoto obtained her Ghost ability and possesses a Snooter, she can do anything their Snooters can.
  • Snooters makes a cameo in Sahoto: Superstar Giganto, in the crowd of an arena where she fights King Aito.